Weekly Blog 15/03/2019

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Will we, won’t we…? It has been a busy week in Westminster. On Tuesday, Parliament rejected May’s Brexit deal by a majority of 149. The following day, Parliament rejected a … Read More

Weekly Blog 08/03/2019

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Markets have staged an impressive rally in 2019, however, a gloomy message from ECB President Mario Draghi has sent equities lower. In the message, the ECB gave a sobering forecast … Read More

Weekly Blog 22/02/2019

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The fractures in the UK political system have resulted in a new organisation being established, called the Independent Group, created by the defection of 8 former Labour MPs, as a … Read More

Weekly Blog 08/02/2019

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The Bank of England has performed a dovish U-turn, much like the Federal Reserve, after signalling that interest rates would remain on hold, following concerns that the economy is weakening … Read More

Weekly Blog 25/01/2019

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The European Central Bank has warned that the risk of the Eurozone economy slowing down has moved to the downside as a result of global trade tensions, Brexit, financial market … Read More

Weekly Blog 11/01/2019

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Happy New Year! Global markets seemed to breathe a sign of relief that 2018, a year characterised by volatility and political uncertainty, was over. That is not to say that … Read More

Q4 2018 review

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The market has been weak during the final quarter of 2018 as volatility has picked up.  We see this as being a symptom of a quarter in which monetary policy … Read More